12 Create the site password

There are two site-wide passwords that you can create from the command line, using the bin/mmsitepass script. The first is the ``site password'' which can be used anywhere a password is required in the system. The site password will get you into the administration page for any list, and it can be used to log in as any user. Think root for a Unix system, so pick this password wisely!

The second password is a site-wide ``list creator'' password. You can use this to delegate the ability to create new mailing lists without providing all the privileges of the site password. Of course, the owner of the site password can also create new mailing lists, but the list creator password is limited to just that special role.

To set the site password, use this command:

    % $prefix/bin/mmsitepass <your-site-password>

To set the list creator password, use this command:

    % $prefix/bin/mmsitepass -c <list-creator-password>

It is okay not to set a list creator password, but you probably do want a site password.